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Don't Touch That.
Don't Touch That.

I work at a medical marijuana collective. I like Pokemon and weed.

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b4773ry0 asked: Hey man hows life treating you, i tried dabs and loved them


It’s going okay, I know man, you told me! Seems like you were too high to remember haha

Anonymous asked: I'm sad because you could really use a little like me. I want a daddy like you :3


But I have my kitten and she has me, and she’s really great. c:
I’m sorry anon :c
Can we be friends though?
I like having those.



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Hey guys!


So I always see bowls topped off with oil and I was wondering how you do that? Like do you have to light it with a torch to get it hot enough still? What are the advantages of that over just using a rig? Just curious really.

Just melt it in with your lighter! You still smoke your bowl regularly and it makes it taste really good. Dabbing definitely gets you higher but I love wax bowls.

marybriannna asked: ughh im outtt, send somme!


If I could I would! Everyone deserves to have dank c:

I always feel more stoned after I cough.

Anonymous asked: You're so sexy


Hahahaha thank you c:

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